Why do you still get sick even you stay at home?

Updated: Mar 15

We often think that home is the safest place, and we have full control of cleanliness and germs at home. If you are puzzled why you are still getting sick when staying at home, this may be due to a few reasons. It could be family members who are out for work or school that bring home viruses, or could be the germs are not eliminated during cleaning.

It takes more than just constant wiping at home on floors and surfaces to eliminate bacteria and germs. Cleaning is not just a one-step procedure, and with the right habits set, you may find that you do not get sick as often. Below are step by step tips to cover your home, keeping your home safe and bacteria at bay:

Step 1: Cleaning

A clean surface is not always a disinfected surface.

When it comes to cleaning, we often assume that removing dust particles and dirt visible on surfaces is enough. Have you thought of those bacteria and germs that you can’t see? Surface cleaning is essential, but disinfection can be a ‘double cleaning’ to keep the bacteria and germs at the minimum level.

Basic cleaning with a wipe down using a disinfectant spray is an excellent way to ensure that surfaces are bacteria-free. BioCair pocket spray is non-alcoholic and can eliminate bacteria and germs in 60 seconds, helping you with a thorough wipe down after basic clean.

Step 2: Air Cleaning

Apart from surfaces, there are also bacteria and germs living in the air. Bacteria get into the air quickly when someone coughs or sneezes. They can travel through the air to look for the next ‘target’, which is how airborne infectious diseases spread; try air disinfection to control the spread of bacteria and germs. Eliminating airborne bacteria prevents spread between people and reduces bacteria that could land on surfaces.

Disinfect with BioCair Dry-mist Disinfecting Machine 1 hour a day after you are done cleaning or before getting to bed. In an enclosed room, 1 hour of disinfection can maintain its effectiveness for up to 9 hours.

Step 3: Consistency of cleaning

Cleaning is an on-going process, and so is disinfection; you should clean and disinfect frequently. There are family members that travel out every day, and there will surely be a risk of getting in contact and bringing home bacteria or viruses. Consistent cleaning and disinfection can protect not just us but also prevent bacteria and viruses from spreading to other family members.

If regular cleaning daily is not feasible, try a quick, daily wipe down common touch surfaces and disinfect the air .

Let’s make cleaning and disinfecting a daily habit and not just one step.

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