Tips to Avoid Getting Sick When You Are On-The-Go

There are many opportunities for bacteria and germs to infect us when we are on the move. Have you covered your bases when you are out and exposed to all kinds of bacteria and germs?

As we are moving forward into further reopening, everyone starts to move around – making daily trips to school/ office, going for outdoor activities, dining out, etc. We should make sure to have all the necessary protection prepared for ourselves and our loved ones when we are out. Learn some tips to stay safe when going out to ease your mind while on the move:

Step 1: Ensure you have your mask on

Mask wearing is mandatory in Singapore for everyone when they are in a public area, and this helps limit the transmission of the virus and reduce the chances of infection. Masks should be worn when you are on public transport, especially in areas where you cannot be at least 1 metre from others and poorly ventilated areas. The appropriate use of masks is very important in order to make it as effective as possible.

Step 2: Protecting yourself before you hop on transport

Nowadays, it is very common for people to carry a hand sanitizer or disinfectant with them around. But how often do you use it? Do you know when to use it? It is best to disinfect yourself and your belongings before getting on and alighting from public transport. You can use BioCair Disinfectant pocket spray that can effectively eliminate bacteria and germs while being safe as it contains no chemicals that will irritate or harm you. Simply just spray on any surfaces, and you are done (no rinsing is required).

Step 3: Caring for the air when you can

To be safe from bacteria and germs, an object, surface, and room, including the air, should be disinfected. If you are driving a car on your own, you can have full control of the environment around you. A car has a small area, it is impossible to maintain social distancing in a car, and cross-infection can quickly happen in a car. What can you do to protect yourself and your family when in your car? You can run the BioCair Automobile disinfection machine while driving or travelling from one point to another to disinfect the air in the car and keep you and your loved ones safe from harmful bacteria and germs.

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