Spring Cleaning Tips for an OX-picious New Year

Spring cleaning is an annual routine activity, but this year remains anything but routine. As we welcome the year of the OX, here are some extra precautions when visiting others or hosting guests during the Chinese New Year.

Disinfect After Friends and Family Visit

Make it a habit to disinfect your home after you welcome visitors. With the CNY measures of 8 visitors, once a day, clean high-touch surfaces and run your Dry-mist Disinfectant Machine for an hour to eliminate all threats for you and your loved ones.

Never Leave Home without a Pocket Spray

While you cannot always control the surfaces your toddler touches, keep a pocket spray handy to help keep their hands free from bacteria.

Disinfect on the Move

House hopping may no longer be a common scene this year for many of us, disinfect on-the-go as you drive to or home from visits.

While Ang Paos and gifts are normal during Chinese New Year, perhaps a gift of health may be a better choice this year for your loved ones.


At BioCair, we believe in keeping you and your family safe by eliminating bacteria and germs in the air and on surfaces with our revolutionary BC-65 technology.

BioCair keeps you and your family safe by eliminating bacteria and germs in the air and on surfaces. Our BC-65 technology is non-toxic, non-irritant, contains no alcohol and is safe to use, anytime, anywhere. We pledge to keep you safe with a full range of products for home and on-the-go use.

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