School Holiday Activities with Kids in Singapore

School holidays are here again! Are you prep up for it? With the holidays upon us, many parents are running out of ideas to keep their kids busy over the break, especially during this pandemic when safety has become a major concern. Here are some tips from BioCair to have a safe break and make the best holidays with your kids.

Activity idea 1: Go to the park and burn energy

Kids have higher energy levels than adults. To channelize their energy, consider bringing your kids to the park or garden for strenuous activities such as jogging, play balls and bike rides.

Remember to bring along with your handy BioCair Pocket Spray to disinfect yourself and your loved ones before and after the activity. Spray on the hands, clothes or any other surfaces that need to be disinfected and no rinsing is required. Don’t worry, BioCair is non-toxic, non-irritant to eyes and skin, and safe to use around children.

Activity idea 2: Stay home and work on wellbeing

While getting out and about is fun, there is also a need for quiet times. Mindfulness activities such as drawing, playing card games or art craft activities are a great way to help the kids to develop many skills. For instance, concentration power, fine motor skill, hand strength development, coordination for early writing skills and practice for finger grip.

You can turn on BioCair Ultimate II Dry-mist Disinfecting Machine for at least an hour and place it in the middle of the kids’ playroom or beside the kids in the living room when they are conducting the activities. It can help to eliminate any possible germs in the air and on the surfaces, control the spread of illnesses and reduce the chance of getting sick.

Activity idea 3: Make learning fun with a day out

Kids are curious and they love to explore. An outdoor learning environment with less structure could encourage their curiosity and help them flourish as learners. You can consider bringing them to some kid-friendly attractions such as the zoo, aquarium and museum to make learning and play meaningful.

While travelling to these locations in your car, do not forget to switch on the BioCair Automobile Dry-mist Disinfecting Machine. Car as one of the areas that possess a high risk of cross-infection since it is the first contact point before you go home and it has limited space to maintain social distance. Thus, you can keep yourself and your loved ones protected from nasty germs when travelling by running the BioCair Automobile machine during the whole journey.

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