Did you know that Common Cold is not a Flu?

The common cold and flu have similar symptoms and spread in similar ways, but they are very different. The symptoms and recovery time from a common cold are milder and shorter than the flu. Let us look at how different they are:

Difference 1: Symptoms are different

When you catch a cold, you will probably have symptoms such as loss of appetite, sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, and cough; Flu symptoms are more severe than cold symptoms, and can include sore throat, high fever, weakness, muscle pains, increased sweating and headaches. The flu can develop into more severe health conditions that lead to long-term illness.

Difference 2: Recovering times differ

While cold symptoms can make you feel bad for a few days, flu symptoms can make you feel ill for many days or even weeks. It differs from person to person, but one’s immunity and personal hygiene habits can be factors that affect the time taken to heal.

Difference 3: Preventive measures are different

Most people are aware of the flu vaccination that can effectively prevent flu virus, especially during the flu season. The vaccine is available in many locations such as hospitals, polyclinics, GP clinics, and even schools. However, getting a vaccine does not mean you will not contract the virus at all.

Unlike flu, a vaccine to prevent colds is not available.

How to prevent a common cold or the flu?

Prevention is always better than cure. The most important flu and cold prevention measure is practicing good personal hygiene such as frequent hand washing. It would be best to wash your hands whenever you start an activity and after the activity ends.

Avoid close contact with someone when you are sick, and stay away from someone who is sick. Viruses spread very quickly, especially when you go near an infected person. Viruses are invisible; the best prevention way is to avoid close contact with infected people.

Clean and disinfect daily. Personal and environmental hygiene is essential. You should clean and disinfect the house more frequently during flu and cold seasons, especially if a family member is sick. Frequent cleaning and disinfecting will help the sick family member recover faster and prevent other family members from getting ill.

You can use a BioCair aerial disinfection machine to disinfect your air, 1-hour per day for normal usage, or disinfect for a longer time if someone in the household is sick.

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