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Rapid, Effective and Safe Aerial Disinfection for healthcare, education and manufacturing

The BioCair Professional product range features high performance Aerial Disinfection machines, specifically designed for the rapid disinfection of rooms and areas. Each machine produces a high volume of the BioCair BC-65 non-toxic dry mist. All BioCair products kill 99.999% of harmful pathogens while remaining non-toxic.

Utilization of BioCair Professional Disinfection System 

• Isolation Rooms & Patient Rooms: Following Terminal Cleaning

• Operating Theatre & ICU: Following usage

• Ambulance: Following patient drop off

• Clinics: At the end of each day, following usage of treatment room

• Dental: At the end of each day, following usage of treatment room

• Education: At the end of the school day

• Manufacturing


Advantages of BioCair 

√ BioCair BC-65 kills 99.999% of Bacteria, Virus, Fungus & Spores within 60-seconds of contact

√ Non-toxic, no alcohol

√ No barrier layer required

√ Non-corrosive, pH neutral

 √ No COSHH or WEL limits

Aerial Disinfection

• Ensures contact with environmental surfaces and hard to reach/clean areas

• Eliminates ‘operator’ limitations encountered with traditional cleaning

Rapid Disinfection and Cost Efficient

• Minimal downtime for a room or area: Rapid disinfection for low cost-per-disinfection

• Efficient to use: dry-mist requires limited room preparation, no ‘wipe-down’ following misting, rapid time, no interruption of HVAC



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