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“My son who was 10 months old was infected by HFMD. There was an outbreak in his infant care centre and unfortunately, he was one of the last few who was infected. As we are still awaiting for our BTO flat to be ready, we are currently staying with my parents and that means my husband, my 2 children and myself share a bedroom. My elder daughter who is 4 years old, is very attached to her younger brother and insisted on sleeping next to him as she usually does. Out of desperation, I went out the very evening to purchase Biocair Disinfecting Machine and the APS. I switched it on to low and left it on throughout the entire night, every day while my son was still infected with HFMD. Amazingly, my 4 year old daughter did not get infected though she sleeps on the same bed with him, every night, while he fights off HFMD. I started to buy more APS and use it on nights that someone in the family is unwell.”


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