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To be able to have such happy faces is because we have been using Biocair! The only product tat assures us of their care n concern for our well being. The pocket spray for hfmd is a perfect help especially for my gal who is in childcare with periods of hfmd seasons. The humidifier at home helps to shield off germs n viruses. With Biocair, we really feel the difference n may we stay in pink of health for the days ahead!

Kat Ong

I love Biocair as i can bring my kids out freely without scaring my kids getting hfmd unwantedly. Makes me more brave to bring them out without hesitating too much!

Jolin Leow

I love Biocair BioActive pocket spray cause it so convinent and a must have product to bring out whenever and wherever! It helps to prevent HFMD which are so commonly amongst the kids.

Queenie Jerlyn Soh

I have been using Biocair products since early of this year. I am a full time working mother of 3 young children, ranging from 1 to 10 years old. I have 3 times the blessing, BUT this also means that there are 3 x the challenges ! My first purchase was the Biocair Pocket Spray - which is my GO -TO disinfectant whenever I am out with my family. I get my kids to disinfect themselves specially so after playing outdoors. Needless to say me my husband and my helper are also no exception - we spray it on our hands regularly. I love the fact that the spray is gentle and has no strong scent unlike the alcohol based ones, and because it is also made from natural ingredients - this serves as an added bonus for me because my youngest child is at the stage of putting everything into her mouth especially her fingers! If anyone at home is unwell - I switch on my BC 65 Ultrasonic Air Purifying Humidifier and get the living room 1 hour of BIO CAIR time. This is to ensure there is no cross contamination in the room. I can sometimes smell the “freshness” in the air, and with this I know that I have an extra layer of protection that my loving family needs. Thank you to the good people of BIO CAIR! Happy and undoubtedly proud to be user !

Madam Sabrina


“It’s pretty good!

Well regarding my experience with BioCair, I really like the humidifier and the solution- it’s pretty good!

Previously before we started using it late last year, my staff will fall sick one after the other because of the flu bug. After we started using the humidifier, the spread of flu virus stopped and that has enhanced the productivity in the clinic as everyone is healthy.”

Dr Enrica Sham

Orthodontic Specialist and Clinical Director TLC Dental Group


“It’s become my must-bring item!

I must say BioCair® Pocket Spray is an awesome product! Not only does it kill harmful germs, its deodorization power is amazing. I frequently use it to remove the unpleasant smell on hair whenever I return to the office from hawker centres during lunch time.

Besides which, I will spray it on my face whenever my skin feels itchy or going to have an acne breakout. It’s really good for healing acne as well as keeping us germ-free.”

Miss Shirz Tan


“Great job for creating such a good locally made product.

I bought a BC Humidifier cum Air Purifier during one of the road shows a couple months back. We have been using it for around 2 months now and are pleased with the product. It is easy to use and even has a timer! Also, my wife loves the portable sanitizer as it comes in handy whenever we need it. Hope to see more products produced locally by your team.”


Linus & Family


“Pleased with the product! Hubby is sick so want to make sure the room is bacterial free! Used it for the first time 2-3 days ago and the room smells disinfected...I'm glad I bought one cause hubby was really sick! Share the same bed also didn't get infected! Can consider if u need to disinfect rooms especially if someone's sick in the house!”

Biocair User


“Ever since I bought my first BioCair® BC-65 Pro Ultrasonic Air Purifying Humidifier , I save a lot on my family medical expenses.

And I want to protect the whole family against those bad bacteria around us.

BioCair ,THANK YOU for your service.”

Chwee Lim

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