Fight off germs and viruses while travelling?

It’s all about the hands, when travelling we touch many ‘high contact’ surfaces- security bins at the airport, digital screens, handles on luggage storage compartments, tray tables on an airplane that are teeming with bacteria and viruses. Keeping your hands sanitized after contacting these surfaces is key to avoiding illness.


Did you know that airplanes may be cleaned, but not necessarily disinfected, especially on fast turn-around flights?



  • Prepare for your trip

Take a carry-on bag with some basics you need when travelling: vitamins, a bottle for water, hand sanitizer, a sweater that could be used as a blanket, tissue and wipes.

  • Sanitize your hands regularly

Carry hand sanitizer with you and disinfect your hands frequently. When travelling, the hands touch many germ ‘hot spots’ frequently touched by others, always disinfect your hands before you eat, after using the restroom and after entering or leaving a plane, bus, train or taxi.

Sanitize your hands after contact with common touch points such as door handles, latches, any surface in a bathroom, tray tables and even magazines.

  • Reduce germs in your seating area

The longer you sit in an area filled with germs, the more likely you are to contract those germs. When travelling by train and plane, clean your seating area before the trip, wipe down the table tray, arm rests, digital screen and other ‘high touch’ points with a high level disinfectant.

  • Avoid those who are sick

In trains, buses, subways and common areas, try to stand at least six feet away from anyone coughing or sneezing.

Hundreds of bacteria and viruses can be spread with each cough or sneeze. The further away you are, the less exposure you have.