In this tech-savvy society, we bring our phones everywhere. We use our phones throughout the day, place it on any convenient surface.

Why is your phone dirtier than toilet seats?

A research extracted from Which? revealed the following results:

The company took swabs from 90 devices, finding dangerous levels of bacteria that can make you ill, including E. coli.

 An average of 140-600 units of bacteria were found on the devices. As compared to an office toilet, which had less than 20units of bacteria

Some Do’s – hygiene tips

  • Clean your device with a damp, soft cloth.
  • Avoid using your damp cloth to clean any openings of your device (this may cultivate more bacteria).
  • Disinfect your device with disinfectants which have no alcohol content

Some Don’t(s) – hygiene tips

  • Use a harsh soap/disinfectant that could corrode your device
  • Use alcohol-based cleaners on devices
  • Only rely on cleaning your phone on a shirt sleeve or dry cloth.

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