BioCair was developed by JCS Biotech Pte Ltd which is also part of JCS Group. This 2017, JCS Group humbly accepted the Singapore 2017 SME100 Award! SME100 Awards annually picks out the fastest-moving businesses in the SME sector, identifying the outstanding ones.

JCS Group is a multinational group company, involved in many fields, including large machinery and equipment manufacturing, cleaning equipment manufacturing and services, innovation of logistics, ecological agriculture and IT. BioCair is part of JCS Group and was developed 7 years ago by biotech professionals.

After much research, BioCair produced a disinfectant range that is non-alcohol, non-toxic, non-irritant, non-corrosive. Completely safe for everyday use and suitable for use in medical settings, BioCair has also recently been awarded the ISO13485 certificate, which represents that BioCair disinfectant can now be utilized as a medical device.

With other International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certificates like 9001, 14001, 18001, making sure our safety checks are accurate and standardized. 

BioCair products are non-alcohol, non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-irritant. With a kill rate of 99.999%, BioCair Pocket Sprays are able to kill bacteria and viruses on surfaces in under 60-seconds.

The Aerial Disinfection Series helps improve our air quality by using BioCair BC-65 Air Purifying Solution and BioCair Disinfection Machines. BioCair BC-65 Air Purifying Solution is poured into the Disinfection Machine. The dry-mist produced kills 99.999% airborne pathogens in just 1 hour. The mist is non-toxic, safe if inhaled and completely safe for all age groups. BioCair's product range has won the hearts of many parents.

Our team will continue to listen and innovate, bring our customers new products and better service. We are thankful for your support!


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