Minimizing exposure to germs when pregnant

A women’s immune system weakens when pregnant. This means that the pregnant body is more susceptible to germs and viruses. During pregnancy, it is important to take extra care of your body for the health of both mother and fetus.

Germs and viruses can be found anywhere: door knobs and handles, hawker centers, bus stops, public toilets and even surfaces at home. This is why it is important to increase your personal hygiene routine when pregnant, being mindful of washing hands and using a high-level disinfectant whenever you come in contact with high touch-point areas.

Here’s how you can minimize exposure to germs when you are pregnant:

  • Avoid high traffic/crowded areas

Why? Anyone can carry germs and viruses with them, being in crowded areas increases the chance of contamination.

  • If possible, avoid going to places with high germ-count like hospitals/clinics.

If you go, wear a mask and bring a high-level disinfectant

  • Always sanitize hands after any activity, before and after eating or cooking and after going to the washroom
  • Be more careful when choosing food

Avoid raw meats like sashimi, meat tartare, unpasteurized milk, seafood salads, raw sprouts, cake/cookie batters which are not fully cooked. Remember to always wash fruits & vegetables before cooking/eating.

  • Avoid close contact with family members who are ill and quarantine yourself from them

Besides keeping a healthy distance, utilize products to reduce the amount of germ/virus count in your air and on your surfaces.

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Information extracted from the Centers for Disease and Infection Control: